Happenize is an end-to-end solutions provider that helps start-ups as well as established businesses. The firm focuses on delivering essential designs and marketing services that aid businesses in achieving their operational goals.Under the supervision of their director, Mr. Mohammed Kashif, the firm has produced numerous quantitative solutions to assist corporate businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups expand their outreach to remunerative audiences.Their Director's vision to equip these businesses to enter the digital world and make a successful foray has illuminated paths for many enterprises.

The firm has been thriving in the industry under Mr. Kashif’s inspiring leadership. Having acquired wide-ranging experience over the years,Happenize has translated these learnings into deliverables that have earned them recognition at GoodFirms.

To understand the drive that propels his reasoning as a director,GoodFirms interviewed Mr. Mohammed Kashif, where he keenly shared his perspective, his company’s mission, and what he has learned from his experiences. A brief extract of the Director’s view from that interview has been logged below.

The Transition in Advertising:

It was interesting to listen to the thought process of Mr. Kashif as a director, specifically when he talked about Digital Marketing. In an age where enough data is available to support the notion that different demographics behave to advertising differently, he wanted to apply his expertise in the digital space to see through the transition from Above TheLine Advertising to catering to niche audiences in analytically segregated groups.

A propensity towards invest time in heeding to the client’s needs for complete comprehension has led Mr. Kashif and his team to meet and exceed the client’s expectations by implementing a proven digital framework. Their approach has compelled their clients to return and associate with Happenize again in the future for other services that they have to offer.

Treating each project individually, the director highlights the importance of defining a timeframe based upon the essential functions and customer incorporations in the web app. Their determined focus and a customer-centric approach have ushered them into the coveted list of the top digital marketing companies in UAE at GoodFirms.

Designs that Perform:

Happenize’s director is a chief advocate of distinctiveness and how a solution should resonate with its brand identity. Though the firm does offer template-based designs, the director emphasizes the importance of a mobile responsive website and prefers developing customer designs as per client requirements.

The team of developers at the firm is proficient in many languages such as Angular, Node JS, Ruby on Rails, and Laravel, among others. However,Mr. Kashif has always relayed the message that no matter the language or framework used, the results should maintain the aesthetics and be able to facilitate enhanced user-engagement. Their continued efforts in this direction will help them soon rank amongst the top web design agencies globally at GoodFirms.

When asked about which Content Management System they prefer to use, he stated that they’re comfortable with all the platforms owing to the irrelevant technical expertise.

In times when businesses focus mostly on revenues, the director’s diverted approach towards building relationships is quite refreshing. The benefit of this approach is evident from the review left by Greeshma Shetty, aDigital Marketing Specialist, on GoodFirms:


For detailed information on the insights divulged by Mr. MohammedKashif, please read the complete interview at GoodFirms.

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